The 4 Types of Buyer Languages

Effective marketing is all about speaking the buyers language, not your language. To do that, you fi...
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Blog Doodycase
case study, CTA, Segmentation

How This Finance Blogger Is Getting 350% More Prospects To His Sales Page

How dynamically changing your call-to-action based on your visitor can result in massive sales....
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Blog Offerfunnel

Increase Website Conversions with Personalized Offer Funnels

A salesperson would never greet a returning customer the same way they’d greet someone new. Neither ...
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Blog Marketingstrategy

How Does Personalization Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

There are a lot of things you could do to increase your sales funnel performance - run A/B tests, us...
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Blog Fbdata

Use Facebook's Own Data To Personalize & Enrich Your List

What if you could easily get that data out of Facebook? What if you could use that data to make your...
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Blog Linksales

Get More Sales with Trigger Links & Personalized Copy

Learn how using trigger links and personalizing your sales page can double your conversions. 

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Blog Referralopt

Get More Opt-Ins With Branded Referrals

If you're getting traffic to your site from other referring websites, there is a really easy way to ...
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Blog Personalizehappy

Personalized Experiences Lead To Higher Conversions

Studies conclude that delivering a personalized experience leads to increased visitor engagement, im...
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Blog Autosegment

Specific vs. Automated Segmentation

Segments are essentially smaller lists of subscribers made up of the same type of persona. They’re i...
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Blog 3Stepopt

3 Strategies for Increasing Anonymous Opt-Ins

The easiest way to get someone’s attention is to speak to them and their needs, directly. In other w...
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Blog Personalizetop

Personalizing Your Website for Anonymous (Top of Funnel) Visitors

Interested in using personalization to turn more anonymous visitors into subscribers?

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Blog 3Criteriasegment

3 Core Criteria You Should Use to Segment Your Audience

What is segmentation, and how should you segment your website visitors?

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