Meet Our Newly Improved Widget & Funnel Interface

Over the summer, the RightMessage team has been working on a massive overhaul of not only our interface – but, more importantly, how customers get things done with our product.

Today we’d like to show you what we’ve been working on, and what led to this massive undertaking.

“Funnel-first” was confusing the people who needed us most

A common point of confusion for people, especially those who have switched to RightMessage from another “form tool”, was our funnel-first approach to showing various optin forms and offers across a website.

Imagine you’ve been using a traditional opt-in form to build your audience.

You’ve heard great things about this app called RightMessage, so you decide to sign up…

Only to have to think about setting up a funnel, and mentally trying to telegraph together these new funnels with widgets…

Simply put: our non-orthodox approach to increasing conversions and segmenting your audience was confusing people, which hurt our growth and had companies who really should be using RightMessage canceling.

Moving to a widget-first way of doing things

Over the last year or so, we’ve struggled to reconcile what set us apart with what people expect to easily do with RightMessage.

For example, our funnel-first approach has allowed for a ton of flexibility:

  • You can show one set of visitors, like non-email list subscribers, one thing and everyone else something else
  • You can move people through sophisticated survey funnels, leading each person to a totally customer optin form
  • Returning customers have their data pulled from your email marketing database, and you can show them a product offer for someting they haven’t yet purchased

But many customers… just want to show a pop-up with a newsletter optin form on their homepage.

And that meant creating a funnel. Setting up a new widget. Yada, yada, yada.

Give people what they want

The interviews and research we did, both with longtime customers and those who were still trialing, continued to reaffirm that people approached RightMessage thinking:

I want [a popup], and I want it to [show X to new subscribers and Y to existing subscribers]

But our product required them to instead think:

I want to [show X to new subscribers and Y to existing subscribers] and I want to do that in [a popup]

Truthfully, we discounted this as simple semantic differences. After all, the “output” that visitors on the site saw – the popup or whatever – was the same.

But unless you meet people where they are and stay out of the way as much as possible, you’re going to lose people.

As a business, that means fewer customers.

But as a customer of said business, that means being let down by a company that promised some really cool stuff on the other side of the sign up form.

Simple, then complex

By ditching funnel-first in favor of having people decide what they want to show, like a popup, and what they should show in it, we’ve now made it easy for people to 1-to-1 replace what they already have on their website.

Here’s how easy it is to create a new opt-in offer in RightMessage:

Once someone’s up and running, all the existing funnel power that sets us apart from everyone else is ready and waiting to be used.

A simple, sitewide newsletter opt-in can easily be upgraded to have a question or two prefacing it.

And then it can be further conversion-optimized to have the opt-in text change depending on the answers to those questions.

Start simple. Then add complexity.

Give our customers what they need from us initially, and then lay out all the radical, paradigm-bending functionality later.

What this means for what’s next with RightMessage

More immediately, we hope that this helps more people who are “sold” by the promise of RightMessage to accomplish what they need. This usually means replacing some other form tool with us.

But the work we’ve been doing has finally set the stage for some additional new features and other improvements many of our customers have been waiting for, including:

  • Quiz functionality! Score visitors based on how they answer questions or are automatically segmented, and use that to help deliver custom reports and results.
  • More layout customization Whether that be adding a video embed above an opt-in form, showing an image in a small toaster popup, or just changing the borders on a widget or corner radius on a button, we know that more “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” customization is high on your wish list.
  • Additional lead capture flexibility We know you want to be able to capture open-ended responses and other bits of data beyond a one-of-many answer to a question or simple text input. We’re working hard to make this a reality.