[May 2023] Product Updates: New Code Funnel Node, Userlist Integration, and More!

This month we’ve added a number of new improvements to RightMessage:

#1: New integration with Userlist

Userlist is increasingly becoming a great email platform for software-as-a-service companies (we’re now happy customers.)

You can now integrate your RightMessage account with Userlist. Here’s how to get started.

#2: You can now execute code in your CTA Funnels

This is a big, big deal. Here’s why:

Our on-site funnel builder was designed to make it easier than ever to decide who gets asked questions or shown offers.

Want to pitch a popup ad for your flagship product just to high value customers who are on your blog? It’s super easy to map that out with RightMessage.

Now that you can run Javascript code from your on-site funnels, this means that all the third party tools you’re using – tracking pixels, live chat widgets, and even other form software – can be run from within RightMessage.

New Code nodes added to RightMessage

Here are a three quick playbooks:

  • Show your sales chat widget to non-customers on your marketing site, but a promo for an upcoming webinar to everyone else
  • When someone visits via an affiliate link, personalize your pricing page to include a quote from your affiliate – and also ensure that the affiliate tracking code is accurately fired off
  • Embed a non-RightMessage form, like one created from within your email platform, that is only shown to anonymous visitors

This should work with literally any 3rd-party Javascript. If you need any help in getting any of this set up, just let me know.

#3: Audience insights on your dashboard now reflect the date range you’ve set

The rest of the dashboard honored whatever date range was selected, but the audience insights at the bottom was always based on all-time collected data.

This was silly, and is now changed.

#4: New and improved visuals for the funnel builder

We’ve overhauled the display and user interface for the CTA Funnel editor. It’s a lot easier on the eyes, and sets the foundation for a lot of other funnel improvements we’re now going to be working on.

A new and improved interface within the Funnel Builder