NEW: Personalize Your Opt-ins And Offers With Images (And More!)

We’re kicking off a brand new decade with some massive new improvements to RightMessage.

All accounts now have new themes, image support, and more widget customization options – including Google Font support.

While there’s nothing inherently remarkable about opt-in form software letting you add images and better customize how it looks, the way we’ve designed our product – “offers” being separate from “widgets” – made this quite the engineering and design challenge!

RightMessage's new offer images

Why this took us so long to build

If you think about traditional opt-in form tools, you’re probably used to creating a “form” – here’s what it looks like, here’s what it says, here’s what happens when someone fills it out and clicks the submit button.

RightMessage does things much differently.

When setting up a visitor journey in RightMessage, you map out who should get what separately from where what someone gets is shown.

For example, anonymous visitors get asked 2 questions and then get pitched on a relevant lead magnet. Returning non-customer subscribers get pitched on a basic product, and returning customers who’ve bought that basic product get pitched the advanced thing.

This is the who should get what visitor journey component of a RightMessage CTA Funnel.

A pink exit popup, a blue sticky bar shown only on product pages, and an inline and embedded widget after every blog post. These are examples of where what someone gets is shown widgets.

We’ve divorced these two things for good reason. This allows customers to have really elegant and non-competing calls-to-action that change depending on who’s on your site and what you know about them.

But this also presented a pretty unique challenge for us…

“Do the ‘offers’ (who should get what) get images added to them… or the widgets? And some widgets, like sticky bars, obviously can’t really show a pretty Unsplash pic – but we’d definitely want one in a large exit popup.”

Fortunately, we think we’ve figured this out.

Within RightMessage, you can now add custom images to each offer. People segmented as cyclists get the pic of people on bikes, and runners get a stock photo of a marathon.

And you can also theme each widget, with each theme deciding on whether it shows or ignores images, where copy and imagery is placed, and so on.

And with the addition of custom and Google Font support, your widgets will look magnificent – either seamlessly blending in to your site’s theme or standing out.

A quick recap of everything that’s new

  • Attach images to any offer in a CTA Funnel
  • Choose from one of our (current) 3 themes for each widget type. More are on the way
  • Customize the fonts of each widget (using your site’s fonts or Google Fonts)

With the foundational hurdle out of the way, we’re now free-and-clear to roll out a number of new great looking themes (we’d love your input!), along with more stylistic customizations. Expect a ton more on this front over the coming weeks and months.