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How To Get Inside Your Customers Head & Align Your Copy To the Personalization Process

If you want to write copy that converts, you need to get inside your customers’ and prospective customers’ heads. Your goal should be to know and understand your customer so well that the product or service you have to offer fits him, and sells itself.

Join us for a copywriting session with conversion expert Joel Klettke as we talk about how to get inside your customers’ head and write compelling copy that converts!

You’ll learn:

  • A proven process for writing high-converting copy straight out of your customer’s mouths 
  • Practical tips for mastering feedback channels
  • A proven process for putting words on the page that compels readers to take action
  • How to align your copy to the personalization process
Live Event
April 12th 02:00 PM Eastern time
You'll be joined by...
and Joel Klettke
Joel Klettke