Introduction To RightAsk | RightMessage

Introduction To RightAsk

The RightAsk tool in RightMessage is used to ask questions that will help you better understand your website visitors. 

The information you collect can be used to personalize the emails they receive from you or their website experience.

RightAsk only displays questions it does not yet know the answer to.

If RightAsk has already captured an answer to a question, the visitor will not see that specific question (there is no point in asking your visitors something you already know the answer to!).

RightAsk progressively profiles your website visitors regardless of whether the visitor is on your email list or not

If the visitor is a subscriber on your email list, RightAsk will sync the data to their subscriber profile.

If the visitor is not a subscriber, RightAsk will remember the answers they provide. Once the visitor becomes a subscriber, RightMessage then syncs their answers to their subscriber profile.

Custom Field Sync Example

In the above example, the ‘Business Type’ segment group is using the Drip ‘Custom Field’ condition with a set value in each of the segments.

If a subscriber clicks on one of the answers to the question, RightMessage will sync the Custom Field, and the answer, to the subscribers profile in Drip.