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Visual Editor

Visual Editor

Anyone on your team can personalize your website. Just click on what you want to change, modify the content, style, or more, and tie that change to a segment.

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No coding required

Our editor loads your entire website and gives you the ability to change anything by just clicking on what you want to change, modifying it, and associating your new change with a segment. You won’t need to muck around with any code or shortcodes.

Edit anything

Want to change a headline? Easy! Need to swap out a hero image when a particular type of person shows up? That’s about 3 clicks of effort.

Change literally anything: headlines and copy, images, testimonials, call-to-actions, or anything else on any page of your website.

Change the entire flow and structure of your website

With RightMessage, you’re able to do more than just swap out content. You can quickly change the entirely flow of your site.

For example, you might want returning customers to be pushed to your product section and have encourage new, anonymous visitors to opt-in to your email list.

Personalize for every persona

You’ll be able to rapid-fire cycle through your segments and setup targeted messaging for each persona you target. In minutes, you’ll have targeted language for every type of person you’re trying to sell to.

Instant publishing

Once you’re ready to have some new changes go live, a single click of the “Publish” button will push them to your website. And if you pushed anything live that isn’t yet ready for primetime, you can disable any personalization campaign with just a click.

"Holy crap this is awesome. Took me all of 5 minutes to set up a customized home page for our target user segment."
Ryland King