How This Finance Blogger Is Getting 350% More Prospects To His Sales Page

By Brennan Dunn

The RightMessage team has been on a segmentation kick lately.

And over the next few weeks, we're going to be showing you some incredible examples that prove that when you know WHO somebody is and WHAT they want, your conversions will skyrocket.

We're going to start with Josh Doody, a best-selling author and the creator of, a resource for employees looking to increase their salary.

Josh's website gets a lot of organic and referral traffic, but he always felt that his primary call-to-action (which links to the sales page for his main product) should be converting better than it was.

"My call-to-action just wasn't resonating with my audience"

Josh had been trying for some time to find wording that would resonate with all his readers, and had tried several iterations, but had never found anything that clicked.

"What I really want to say to someone negotiating a job offer is, "hey — I can help you negotiate without losing your job offer". I know that statement would resonate. The trouble is, only about 50% of my audience is negotiating a job offer. The other half are either interviewing or looking to get a raise at their current job, and a call-to-action about negotiating their offer wouldn't make any sense to them."

Josh knew that his generic CTA could be costing him conversions, but short of ditching half his audience, it was the best he could do to try to appeal to everyone.

The call-to-action messaging was being watered down, to try to appeal to everyone simultaneously. What if it could say the right thing to each individual instead?

Josh signed up for a free trial of RightMessage (start your trial), and within a few minutes he had come up with the 3 segments that make up his audience. Each segment is a possible answer to the question, "What is your current need?"

  1. I'm negotiating an existing offer: people who have an offer on the table but want to negotiate it higher
  2. I'm currently interviewing: people who are currently interviewing for new jobs
  3. I'm looking for a raise: people who are hoping to get a raise at their current job

By segmenting his visitors into one of these three groups, Josh was able to easily show a more relevant call-to-action to each individual. While brand new unsegmented visitors would continue to see the original call-to-action, segmented visitors would now see one of the following:

Remember his one-size-fits-all CTA? In minutes, he was able to have it change across his site depending on how someone self-segmented themselves. The theory was that since these new calls-to-action are that much more specific to the visitor's current need, they'd convert better.

So... did it work?

Check out the before/after stats below. Josh is getting substantially more eyeballs on his sales page (read: more sales!), and now he's also planning on how he'll better customize his sales page based on visitor segmentation.

Visitors who are negotiating an existing offer

  • Before: 0.3% click thru rate (CTR)
  • After: 1.4% CTR
  • Lift: 367%

Visitors currently interviewing for a job

  • Before: 0.0%
  • After: 0.4%
  • Lift: a lot!

Visitors who are looking for a raise

  • Before: 0.3%
  • After: 0.4%
  • Lift: 33%


  • Before: 0.2%
  • After: 0.9%
  • Lift: 350%

He probably has a bit more work to do in tweaking the messaging for the segments that aren't performing nearly as well as the first, but...

This took Josh all of 25 minutes, from trial signup to publish, to get up and running...

He's now collecting thousands of new data points every week that will let allow him to better understand and serve his audience...

And he's now – permanently – getting 350% more clicks to his sales pages.

Again, in less than half an hour after choosing his login and password!

"I checked my Google Analytics just to make sure the numbers in RightMessage were accurate. Everything checked out. I've more than 4x-ed visits to my sales page, for the same amount of top-of-funnel traffic."

What's next for Josh?

"What I love is that this is a permanent increase. Even if I don't do anything else, it'll keep running forever, and I'll reap the rewards. But now that I have this insight, I want to keep tweaking. I'll see if I can find an offer that gets 'raise' and 'interview' converting even better… and I'll see what I can do on the sales page to make it convert better now that it's getting all this new traffic. I'll be giving RightBar a try too. I'm really excited: this one little personalization experiment is already moving the needle for my business in a big way."